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What does YOUR web site do to keep them coming back?

If your web site isn't interactive, providing DAILY information and entertainment that compliments your business...then pull the plug. You are wasting your money and time. Unless your web sites are interactive, with dynamic content that keeps them coming back time and time again, then you are going to lose the battle. If you plan on competing, your site has to have interaction. It has to be programmed with COMMUNICATIONS SAVVY, not COMPUTER GEEKDOM !

You have several choices.

  1. You can train someone else on your staff. But that costs you a full time salary and benefits,
    and who does the job the WebMaster USED to do?
  2. You could HIRE a Webmaster...there is that salary and benefits again.
  3. You can make a deal with some ISP and HOPE that they will give you something that looks ok. But who is going to provide the dynamic content you need?
  4. You could to see the small business special, or  contact ClaySam InterNetworks and find out how we can do it better for less! 

    We've been working on a few things, are just some samples: 


If you want to know more about the ClaySam Internetwork Philosophy, just click here.

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